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Beyond the Tweet: How to Leverage Twitter as a PR Tool

For many, Twitter is just another social platform – a way to share your thoughts with the world and quickly mention something that happened in your day, at work, in the news, etc.

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Abolish Glossophobia with These 3 Tips:

Did you know that Glossophobia, also known as the fear of public speaking affects about 75% of the population and is one of the most common human fears next to those afraid of snakes, spiders, and heights?

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Instagram 101: Tips & Tricks to Drive Traffic to Your Page

In recent years, we have seen a huge influx in the use of Instagram for business communications and marketing, with aspects like the rise of brand influencers contributing to momentum and growth for companies on the platform.

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Working from home How to stay connected when you’re not in the office

Working from home: How to stay connected when you’re not in the office

For a lot of people, working from home is the ultimate dream set-up: You have no commute; you can work in your pajamas; and you’re in close proximity to your own fridge and an endless supply of snacks. At Caster, many of my co-workers regularly work from home at least one day during the week, […]

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How to Make Your LinkedIn Updates Stand Out

LinkedIn is the social media platform designed with the business professional in mind. Whether you are using it for yourself or your business, it can be extremely valuable when reaching out and connecting to a professional audience. Because these connections allow users to network, find fellow professionals and build their online presence, users need their […]

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