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Picking Up the Phone in Public Relations: Yes, It Can Still Be Relevant

As we call ourselves in the Twitter-verse, we “#PRPros” spend most of our days stationed behind a wall of monitors, furiously tapping away on our keyboards as we write press releases and pitches, build media lists, and plan social media campaigns. These moments of fervently focused silence are (all too frequently) alleviated by hour-long calls, […]

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Beyond the Tweet: How to Leverage Twitter as a PR Tool

For many, Twitter is just another social platform – a way to share your thoughts with the world and quickly mention something that happened in your day, at work, in the news, etc.

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Curate meaningful content and build your company’s Twitter following

Twitter is a tool that can be used to position your business as a thought leader within your industry. Businesses can develop strategies to build interesting content for their followers that will serve their overall company goals, like promoting new products or connecting with a prospective client. Whether it be sharing company news, inviting fans […]

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