How to Make Your LinkedIn Updates Stand Out

LinkedIn is the social media platform designed with the business professional in mind. Whether you are using it for yourself or your business, it can be extremely valuable when reaching out and connecting to a professional audience.

Because these connections allow users to network, find fellow professionals and build their online presence, users need their profiles to stand out. One way to make your profile unique and interesting is by posting compelling content. The focus of your LinkedIn does not just have to be on your profile updates; the content you produce is equally important. Publishing your ideas will add value to the connections you have previously formed, further showcase your abilities, and ultimately allow your profile to grab the attention of industry professionals.

Here are some ways to do this:

Be active and know the platform

Posting on LinkedIn is similar to posting on other social media platforms, but the tone of the message is very different. Make sure you know your personal audience before posting your own content. Follow some influential business leaders and companies to get to know the professional articles and key topics in your industry, or try using LinkedIn’s own blogging platform, The Pulse. Share your understandings of your industry through each post, showcase your writing strengths and customize your message to reach a specific audience. Posting on LinkedIn may not come as easy as telling your Facebook Newsfeed about your day but being active on the platform can simplify the process.

Commit to relevant posts

LinkedIn posts should be effectively crafted. Keep your writing relevant and timely to keep readers interested and following along with your content. Your personal LinkedIn page should be the space where you keep up-to-date on the news surrounding your company and interests in your personal life, but also where you keep your connections current and comment on daily professional activities.  Share any industry trends, relevant news articles, and/or posts about your specific market. Create interesting headlines that will be relevant to the daily news and your career.

Provide engagement

Give your readers a call to action in each post by including visuals. Provide a photo from an event you attended, conference you spoke at or a meeting you held. Posting a link to a news story that you found fascinating and think your connections might enjoy will bring more engagement to your posts from your followers. This direct engagement will draw more attention to you through your connections.


Finally, actively communicating with the public will help you stand out on LinkedIn. If your updates start to get engagement or feedback, continue the conversation by providing your reaction as well! This two-way communication give users the opportunity to communicate with their connections and help to favor your posts in your LinkedIn feed.

Make your LinkedIn posts stand out while keeping your connections updated. Check out the Caster Academy for more tips on how to engage your connections, keep your posts relevant, and build your content strategy.

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