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Keeping up with Platform X (Updated February 2024)

Since our last blog post on the X platform back in November, change has been the site’s only constant. We’re only a month and a half into the 2024 development plan, and the X team has revamped the user experience through an updated algorithm, potential features, and new tools. While the X app and site […]

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4 Tips for Getting Started with LinkedIn Advertising

If you’re interested in improving your brand’s public relations strategy, you might not know that a stellar social media plan can be a crucial component of PR success. Caster has a long history of integrating earned, shared, and paid social campaigns into our clients’ PR and marketing programs. Our deep knowledge of client industries gives […]

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Should We Still Be on Twitter?

Twitter debuted when I was in college – the concept of social media and digital marketing was SO NEW that there was not a single course on it yet. Some professors even questioned the legitimacy of these new platforms. How could this really be the future of media? Did I just date myself? Yep. When […]

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Quick Brown Fox Story

Quick Brown Foxes, Lazy Dogs, and a Properly Produced Story

If you attended school taught primarily in English, you’ve likely heard this sentence before: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. This sentence is famous for the story behind it, but that story is not about the fox or the dog or the dynamics between wild and domesticated animals. The story is about […]

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Why One-Off PR isn’t Effective

When I talk to people about public relations, occasionally I get Veruca Salt vibes. Do you remember the little girl from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory who obstinately declared: “Don’t care how, I want it now!”? This is how I feel about one-off public relations in place of what should be a carefully crafted, long-term […]

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