Giving Your Content Extra Mileage: How to Turn One Piece of Content into a Dozen Articles

A challenge that we sometimes face as tech PR professionals is navigating the constantly changing technology landscape and ensuring that our clients are being seen and heard as thought leaders in their respective industries. We want to make sure our clients are a part of the stories and angles as they shift, even if the company itself doesn’t have news or solidified announcements in their pipeline. This is particularly crucial when working with companies or organizations that have limited resources to offer in helping generate new ideas and priorities. For these companies, it is our job to get creative and make lemonade of lemons, so to speak.

One way we do this is through taking a single source piece of content and then using various aspects of it to create a series of articles and angles that can be used for pitching and placement. A great example of this applied in practice was for one of our more technical, alliance clients. The group is all member-run, so it can be challenging to determine what the group is prioritizing at the moment and what their longer-term focus is – and then nail them down to talk about it. There are times when there is almost no news for them. So, we pivoted to become really agile in working with the technical content the group does put out. We once worked with the group on a technical whitepaper that we used to source several articles from. We then pitched it out to the media, ultimately gaining 20 total articles from just a single piece of coverage. This ensured that our client’s name and associated members were part of media coverage from key publications while elevating their value proposition from a thought-leadership perspective. It also helped streamline operational efficiencies, cutting down on the amount of review and approval needed on article ideas, approvals and more.

Another key benefit of this approach is the opportunity for building media relationships as you pitch and place the articles. Many publications, particularly those that are focused trade publications, often take articles on a rolling basis and are actively looking for companies to contribute content that will fit their editorial calendar and audience. Identifying the angles that the media will be interested in before drafting sub-articles from your content is an important step in ensuring that editors will be interested in taking your article.

The bottom line? Product, software and company launches are all great to have, but it’s what is done in-between those moments in the news stream that can help elevate your PR program and reach from ordinary to extraordinary.

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