Getting a Start on My First E-Marketing and Social Media Campaign

Throughout my seven months as an intern with Caster, I’ve been able to learn and pick up on PR techniques quickly by applying new information in my daily projects and tasks. I have been challenged with new projects that have pushed me to develop the skills to conquer these tasks successfully. As a newly hired PR Assistant at Caster, I had never been part of a large campaign project. I’ve been working on insurance startup SmartInsure’s team, and I wasn’t sure what to expect when we started planning a content marketing and social campaign.

Immediately, I discovered it takes a great deal of planning. My team began the process of planning and brainstorming, creating a schedule outlining when each campaign would launch along with when each aspect of the campaign needed to be completed. As a team, we brainstormed relevant content themes across smart home, moving, home insurance, etc., to use during the five months that the campaign would run.

I was surprised to see how many elements made up a campaign. We planned everything from email content, a website landing page, blog posts, and relevant social media content across all social platforms, which I’m helping to draft. This content is different from what I have previously drafted because it all needs to come together under the main theme of the campaign. As themes and topics were developed, we started to create the content. Drafting the content for this campaign required creativity and attention to detail. We needed to get the attention of readers and give them a reason to take action.

As I’ve started my work on this campaign, I have already started to develop new skills. Writing the content for the campaign has been a challenge for me. The content in this campaign is different from what I am comfortable with. Prior to starting this campaign, I have never drafted emails that needed to immediately catch the attention of the receiver. As I began my writing, I noticed that this type of writing was similar to pitching. I needed to be concise but interesting enough to stand out amongst other emails. I was also unfamiliar with drafting the content for website landing pages. Although this was difficult to get the hang of, I enjoyed the creativity aspect of the landing pages as I was able to design the layout and decide which catchy phrases I should include on the page. The key takeaway I have noted, even in the early stages of this campaign, is the importance of collaboration and communication within our team as we plan and execute the many stages of the campaign.

As I begin my first official job in the PR field, I am eager to learn more and develop new skills. This campaign has helped me build new skills, and it has taught me the importance of team communication and collaboration. I look forward to learning more and being part of more fun tasks with Caster Crew! Follow my journey! @PaytonStLawren1

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