3 Things You Might Not Know About Your Facebook Profile

From startups to project work, legacy brands to multi-national companies, Caster has worked with them all. A growing part of what we bring to the table for our clients is a social media savvy team with their pulse on updates and changes to platforms that can impact your business. From Facebook, to Twitter, Instagram, and even LinkedIn, no social media platform is safe forever from platform changes, and these updates can alter how you use social media professionally. That said, we thought we’d round up three of the most common issues we encounter on Facebook for brands and companies.

Business Pages vs. Personal Pages

Does the Facebook page that you created for your business have “friends?” If so, you actually have yourself a “personal” page, not a “business” page. Business pages are public on Facebook and gain “page likes,” not “friends.” Personal pages are designed to represent you as a person; whereas, business pages are designed to reflect your business.

In order to advertise on Facebook, your company needs a business page, and a business page can only be created on Facebook from a personal page. It can be a bit confusing, but that’s why there’s people like us in the world to help. A business page is a must-have for any company with a social media presence in 2019 and beyond.

Verifying Your Business

Did you know you can verify your business on Facebook to unlock some additional features? Benefits include increased searchability and helping Facebook establish transparency between business and people on the platform. Not every business needs to be verified, but you must be a verified business in order to use certain developer features, instant games, and a news page index.

Need help deciding if your business page needs to be verified by Facebook? Caster can help with that!

Domain Verification

Recently, Facebook has made sweeping changes to page’s abilities to edit and change the metadata in content posted to that page. If I lost you at “metadata,” all that means is that Facebook used to allow you to tweak parts of a post to make it more presentable than the auto-populated version. This has changed as a result of Facebook’s battle with “fake news.” Luckily, there is a solution: domain verification.

Through this workaround, you can prove to Facebook that you’re the owner of your business website and domain name. With this information verified, you’re once again able to edit the metadata of posts that come from that specific domain name.

Why does this matter to you? If you link back to your company website from posts on your Facebook page often, you’ll want the option to modify those posts so they appear presentable within the feed. This is especially important if you link to the same page on your website often on social media and want to maintain a professional appearance.

Metadata? Domain verification? Facebook business manager? If any of these terms have you scratching your head, don’t stress. Send our social media savvy team an email to see if Caster can help you get your social media assets under control and optimized for your business.

Peter Girard

Director, Account Services

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