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Director of Account Services, Peter Girard, running the White Lake Ultra

Mile Musings – What PR and Running Have In Common

Turns out, you have a lot of time to think when you set out to run 20+ miles through the woods. This I’ve learned well as I’ve charged full speed into a new hobby and now have three ultra trail runs under my belt. Riding high off these amazing events, I was struck with a […]

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Mastering Becoming “Media Ready”

One of the most critical services a PR firm provides is helping clients get “media ready.” But what does that mean? Essentially, it’s about being well-prepared to speak to the press. We help clients learn to establish the goal of the interview or interaction and get their message across quickly, effectively, and clearly. Today, we’re […]

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A Guide to “All-Parts PR”

Sit in on enough new business pitches and you begin to pick up on some commonalities. When the topic of our approach to PR inevitably comes up, one trend I have identified, and found myself explaining to both would-be and soon-to-be clients is what I deem the “All-Parts PR” approach. Okay, what are you talking […]

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Relationship Lessons Learned After a Decade in PR

Last month, I hit a career milestone and joined the exclusive decade club at our firm. With ten years of PR experience under my belt, I began to reflect on some of the most important lessons I have learned, and the common denominator is one word: relationships. Here are the musings  of someone who has […]

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How to: Prep for CEDIA Expo Like a Pro

We’re experiencing the same level of disbelief as you are. It’s only the beginning of August and the countdown to our industry’s next biggest tradeshow, CEDIA Expo, has already begun. You may be asking yourself: Where did the summer go? How do I best prepare my company for the upcoming show? For that first question, […]

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