Author: Peter Girard

The Power of In-Person Events: Unleashing Benefits for Clients

Last week, I had the opportunity to break up my normal work routine and support one of our new clients with an in-person event. I hopped in the car and took a scenic drive to the grand opening of the Trinnov North American headquarters in Connecticut to assist with its first media day at the […]

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Perfecting Pepcom – A PR Guide to Pitching Press around CES

As the first quarter of 2024 flies by, we’ve celebrated a flurry of success stories. In reflection, we’ve served up a masterclass of PR execution in our latest case study: the launch of the Abode Edge Camera at CES 2024. This campaign sets a new benchmark for product launches in the tech world and testifies […]

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CES prep starts now

CES Prep Starts Now

If you’ve visited any physical retail location recently, you may have already fallen victim to the phenomenon known as “Christmas Creep.” This “holiday hurry up” experience is best summarized as seeing twinkle lights, wreaths and inflatable Santa yard décor hit the shelves before spooky season has even had a chance to start. While retail locations […]

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Director of Account Services, Peter Girard, running the White Lake Ultra

Mile Musings – What PR and Running Have In Common

Turns out, you have a lot of time to think when you set out to run 20+ miles through the woods. This I’ve learned well as I’ve charged full speed into a new hobby and now have three ultra trail runs under my belt. Riding high off these amazing events, I was struck with a […]

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Mastering Becoming “Media Ready”

One of the most critical services a PR firm provides is helping clients get “media ready.” But what does that mean? Essentially, it’s about being well-prepared to speak to the press. We help clients learn to establish the goal of the interview or interaction and get their message across quickly, effectively, and clearly. Today, we’re […]

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