Caster Adds Crestron Home to Client Portfolio


I’m sure you already said oh wow and depending on what you know, you may also be thinking but how? As you know, SnapAV acquired Control4 in August of 2019, Caster continued to handle the brand, marking an official 12 years on March 30, 2020, which also marked our last day as the PR agency for Control4. Snap’s ownership meant they needed someone to service their entire company’s portfolio including distribution and numerous product brands without conflict and Caster’s competitive client portfolio made this impossible.

With the closure of our work with Control4, Caster was in a unique position. We haven’t “dated” in this category in a LONG time. We have way too much smart home experience, custom install industry knowledge, and media relationships to sit idle, and we have a talented team of people ready to work their magic. Crestron Home was truly a perfect match. Caster is uniquely positioned to hit the ground running to elevate the Crestron Home solution to both build consumer brand recognition for dealer lead generation and simultaneously let the industry know that Crestron is deeply investing in the residential custom integration channel.

We are both honored and thrilled that Crestron has tasked and trusted Caster with driving their resurgence in the residential market. Crestron was one of the first true home automation brands; always lauded for their luxury high-end custom solutions, dealers would design and program every system from scratch. It made Crestron bullet-proof but pushed them out of reach of most homeowners. Crestron Home is a new story – one that delivers a premium smart home experience designed to transform the connected lifestyle of everyday people and grow business opportunities for existing and new Crestron Home dealers.

Things are crazy in our world right now but there are always bright sides, and Caster is eager to idea share and introduce Crestron Home to you. You can reach the Crestron Home PR team at effective today. You can find their newsroom at


Kimberly Lancaster

Kimberly Lancaster


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