Prepare Your Digital Presence and Practices for the Online Movement

Day-to-day life, business operations, fun activities, etc. have gone through a dramatic change in this pandemic. Business re-openings are beginning across the country, but many are continuing to shelter in place and work from home. Doing so is shifting everything online, from socializing with friends and family, joining fitness classes, and networking with businesses and clients.

This shift to new digital services and practices can be challenging for businesses to market themselves and cut through the noise. Here are some tips for shifting your digital strategy:

Clean up your act on social media.

Do you still have Google+ linked on your blog or website, or are you even posting on Pinterest anymore? Is your profile picture up to date? When was the last time you posted on LinkedIn?

Simple checks can update your digital appearance to support an increased presence. If you’re gearing up to start posting again on a profile you have left quiet for a while, make sure that it’s representative of you, including your photo, company/title, logo, website, etc.

If there are profiles you’re not using anymore, it might be time to make them private or dump them for good. It’s always better to have a few quality, active social media profile than a digital footprint with many silenced accounts.

Don’t stop at social media—how’s your digital presence?

Social media is a big part of your digital footprint, but make sure that everything else is updated. Your website should have your updated hours, services, team members—even logos and photos. Your website is your digital storefront, and you want it to be accurate and welcoming when customers and new business find you.

Local news is on the rise: Get to know your reporters.

The pandemic has had an effect on how we consume news; according to Horowitz Research, “58% of Americans report consuming more local news than before, including 38% of Americans who were not news viewers before the crisis.”

As the news landscape shifts, small businesses should make sure the know their local stations, papers, magazines, and reporters. Staying in touch through these local sources can be important to communicate openings, schedules, and availability to the community, more than before.

On the same note, keeping your social media posts updated is important, as people might go to your Facebook page first to see if you’re in business, your updated hours, and how you’re handling service and sales during COVID-19.

Make networking personal.

While we’re distanced and working remotely, networking is going to change faces as well. LinkedIn has always been a tool, but it’ll likely rise.

With fewer in-person meetings, it’s time to get comfortable building your LinkedIn connections and moving your networking to chat, messenger, email, or Zoom call. With your profiles updated, your personal brand can shine through as you chat, comment, like, and share posts relevant in your industry to make new connections and build on existing relationships. While we can’t meet in person, joining online events and groups can continue the momentum.

Instagram can be a networking tool too, depending on your business. You could interlink a business and a personal account if you’re posting about your business to build a more human connection within the online community of your industry.

Use extra time wisely for content and planning.

If you’re not in position to increase your communication now – some businesses may not be – this can be a good time to plan for your comeback. In addition to cleaning up your social profiles, you could evaluate which content is working, make a plan for launching a profile on a new social platform, set up an ad campaign, or rejuvenate your blog.

You can see more tips here from the Caster team about setting up a social media and content schedule from our presentation from the AVNation Learn From Home Summit; residential dealers can click here, and commercial dealers can click here.

How are you handling your online presence during the pandemic? Sound off with the Caster team at @CasterComm or me, @LauraShoebell. Stay safe!

Laura Shubel

Laura Shubel

Senior Account Executive

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