How the Caster Crew Rejuvenates Creativity

PR professionals are always thinking ahead, trying to stay on top of trends and consider what events clients should attend throughout the year. Planning months in advance and always thinking in terms of “what-if,” “what’s happening,” and “in 6 months, there is a perfect opportunity!” has the potential to wear on your creativity, because you’re so frequently acting based on analysis rather than inspiration. Losing creative momentum is a serious problem when so much of your job depends on trends and writing. So how do you recenter and refocus?

Just like we plan ahead for our clients, we can build proactive strategies to rejuvenate creativity. Let’s explore and get our creative juices a boost!

Taking a page from my co-workers

I asked my colleagues what helps them get their creative juices flowing, and here is what they had to say:

“I am a voracious reader: books, articles, twitter you name it. So, when I am running dry for writing creatively, I will take a break and read something from a favorite author, a blog post, or a news article that has nothing to do with any of my clients. Seeing how other writers bring stories to life can often help me reframe, change up my word usage, and experiment with new styles. I keep a running list of links and podcasts that I want to come back to when I have time. Picking something from that list when I’m feeling uninspired makes it easy.” – Olivia, Account Manager


“While working, I read an article about a completely different subject than the one I was focused on previously. So, for example, if I’m working on a deck about AVoIP and I get stuck creatively, I’ll read a review of a rap album.” – Robert Simms, Account Executive

The art of creating your own serenity

Art – in any medium, from writing to movement, visual to aural – can help ease the mind and get you to think outside your normal realm. Music in particular can stimulate emotions and motor actions. We have a few co-workers on the team that use art to help stir creativity; here is what they had to say:

”Esteemed storyteller Hans Christian Anderson once said, ‘When words fail, music, speaks,’ and as a writer and a musician, I couldn’t agree more. Making music is an integral part of my daily life and routine, and it stimulates my creative choices as a writer by inspiring new ways of approaching tone, language, structure, and perception-driven purpose. Exploring dynamics, tempo, phrasing, and cadences while playing an instrument or composing enhances my ability to write and create by revamping tired thoughts into a colorful, immersive aural experience.” – Lexie Gardner, Account Executive

“I love creating art, painting specifically. There’s something about going into this deep concentration while creating art: focusing on absolutely nothing other than what’s right in front of me. I go into my own world where nothing else matters. It allows me to fully be able to go back to work with a fresh set of eyes and a new perspective.” – Anna Meyers, Account Service Coordinator

“I like to refresh my spaces during my off time; it’s refreshing for my brain too!  I like to reset the whole house and find new ways to organize different areas. I find this helps me start the week with a sense of accomplishment and a clear mind.” – Kayla, Account Supervisor

Shaking things up inside your workspace might seem small, but the effects it has on your creativity levels can be huge. When you designate time to organize and even design, your space can take you to new levels of happiness.

Take a few steps forward towards a healthy mind, body, soul

When you are mentally stuck, get up and exercise. This promotes intuitive and divergent thinking, which is a perfect state to generate new ideas. It is also great for your health to give your mind some time to rest and relax. Here is how some of the Caster crew stay active:

“My inside and outside of work go hand in hand. Making time for exercise has really helped my mindset – I put my phone on do not disturb so I am not distracted, and I can just focus on myself for an hour and give my brain some space to just reset.”  – Olivia Sellke, Account Manager

“When I’m in office and need time to think, I like to step away and sit in our garden. Sometimes I swing on my kids’ swing set or water the plants. Anything that can let my mind wander will usually help spark a creative idea.” – Kayla, Account Supervisor

“I deviate from my normal running route. Physically putting myself in different surroundings shakes up the brain.”- Robert Simms, Account Executive

Create as if no one is watching

Experimenting is the best way to rejuvenate creativity. By changing up your routine, you are helping yourself to recognize that you may get knocked out of rhythm from time to time, but you have the power to bring yourself back.

“When I am presented with an assignment or a task here at Caster that requires some creativity, my best advice is to leave intentional space for the creative process. You’re not going to just sit down and ‘come up with the creative solution you’re looking for. Often, I find workshopping – starting down a direction and modifying as I go based on how I feel it’s going – or, simply talking out what I am trying to accomplish are helpful avenues to the desired outcome. Mixing up the approach between writing, drawing, and talking it out all tap different parts of my brain. A lot of the time, I land on something unique after I’ve spent some time thinking on it, and a solution comes to me when I am trying to articulate what I am trying to achieve with words.” – Peter Girard, Director Account Services

Having a creative mind means that, inevitability, you will occasionally feel like your wheels are spinning in the mud. When you’re stuck, take a breath, and rejuvenate your process. It doesn’t mean you’re unproductive or unmotivated when you lose some creativity… It just means you’re human!


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