about caster

We all believe in equality. We all vote. We believe in hope. We believe we can foster a better tomorrow by smiling today.

Seven of us are Rhode Islanders. The rest of us are Connecticuters, Mainers, New Yorkers, and Virginians trying to be Rhode Islanders. One of us is Canadian and lives there, but still manages to make it to every in-office status meeting.

Two of us speak fluent French. Five of us speak broken French. One of us can say “hello” in Arabic. Most of us can order tapas and ask for directions in Spanish. One of us can order wine in any language.

Collectively our passports have been stamped in 55 countries.

Four of us ski. Four of us snowboard. Seven of us paddleboard. One of us took surfing lessons in Bali. Two of us have gone skydiving. A few of us take yoga and are obsessed.

Five of us drive Subarus.

Half of us are true crime aficionados. The other half thinks we’re insane.

One of us was the Maid of Honor in another one of our weddings. One of us first met their spouse on Match.com. One of us met their spouse at CES, which is like a dating app for PR people. One of us was married before dating apps existed.

Two of us are related.

One of us was on an HGTV renovation show. We all loved watching it!

Seven of us took piano lessons. Four of us still play. Three of us played the flute. One of us played the Trombone. One of us can bust out a decent saxophone solo or lay down a bass line.

We have 1 pretty old cat, 3 middle-aged cats, 1 gecko, and 7 rescue dogs. One of us had 14 fish for 14 days.

Three of us are parents.

We’ve had two clients for more than ten years, three clients for more than five years, and four clients for more than three years.

We’ve attended 58 CESs, 50 CEDIAs, 35 Pepcoms, 13 ISEs, 12 ISC Wests, 8 IBCs, 17 InfoComms, 8 MWCs, 3 SXSWs, and well over 1,000 meetings.

We all Tweet. We all Facebook. We all Instagram. We all Pinterest. We all LinkedIn. One of us writes on Medium. Three of us love Snapchat and the rest of us just haven’t caught on.

All of us are great at what we do.

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