about caster

We all believe in equality. We all vote.

Eight of us are Rhode Islanders. One of us is a Mainer via Boston trying to be a Rhode Islander. One of us is Canadian and lives there. One of us lives in Alabama and never visits.

One of us speaks fluent French. One of us speaks broken French. One of us can order tapas and ask for directions in Spanish. One of us can order wine in any language.

None of us have admitted to being on Tinder or Ashley Madison. One of us first met their spouse on Match.com. One of us met their spouse at CES, which is like a dating app for PR people. One of us was married before dating apps existed.

Collectively our passports have been stamped in 64 countries.

Three of us ski. One of us rock-climbs. One of us snowboards. One of us has done over 100 barre classes. Two of us paddleboard. One of us won a SUP competition. We could all use a de-stress yoga class.

Three of us are really into our home theater systems. Three of us talk to Alexa. All of us are constantly trying new smart home devices.

Four of us drive Subarus.

One of us was on an HGTV renovation show. We all loved watching it!

Four of us took piano lessons. Two of us still play. One of us played the flute. One of us played the Trombone. One of us can bust out a decent saxophone solo or lay down a bass line.

One of us came to work with a black eye and blamed it on a rogue wood chopping experience.

Most of us love bacon, we won’t tell you who the traitor is.

We have 2 pretty old cats, 1 pretty young cat and 6 rescue dogs. One of us has a foster elephant named Kihari. One of us had 14 fish for 14 days.

Three of us are parents.

We’ve attended 23 CESs, 22 CEDIAs, 20 Pepcoms, 10 IBCs, 10 InfoComms, 9 RMAFs, 8 MWCs, 9 ISC Wests, 3 SXSWs, and well over 1000 meetings.

We all love Crazy Burger lunches and Allie’s Donut breakfasts. One of us loves poutine anytime.

We all Tweet. We all Facebook. We all Instagram. We all Pinterest. We all LinkedIn. One of writes on Medium. Four of us love snapchat. The rest of us just don’t get it.

All of us are great at what we do.

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