Who We Are

We all believe in equality. We all vote. We believe in hope.

We believe we can foster a better tomorrow by smiling today.

Seven of us are Rhode Islanders. The rest of us are Connecticuters, Mainers, New Yorkers, and Virginians trying to be Rhode Islanders. One of us is Canadian and lives there but still manages to make it to every in-office status meeting.

Two of us speak French fluently. Five of us speak broken French. One of us can say “hello” in Arabic. One of us is attempting to learn Russian. Most of us can order tapas and ask for directions in Spanish—and one of us can order wine in any language.

Collectively, our passports have been stamped in 55 countries.

Four of us ski. Four of us snowboard. Seven of us paddleboard. We all do pilates together in-office on Wednesdays.

Half of us are true crime aficionados. The other half thinks we’re insane.

One of us was the maid of honor in another one’s wedding. One of us first met their spouse on Match.com. One of us met their spouse at CES, which is like a dating app for PR people. One of us was married before dating apps existed.

Two of us are related.

Three of us have kids.

We have 1 pretty old cat, 3 middle-aged cats, 1 gecko, and 7 rescue dogs.

Some of us are early birds, preferring to work in the quiet morning hours.

The rest of us are night owls, pounding the keyboard while the sun goes down.

But whenever we’re working, we are all pretty great at what we do.

Who we hang out with

At Caster, we understand the value of partnering with like-minded groups to expand our networks, provide education, and give back to communities. We participate in a number of industry associations and groups across PR and marketing, local business and technology groups that are key to the markets we serve.

Who thinks we’re great

We think that we do pretty great work — but don’t just take our word for it. In over 20 years of business, Caster has won numerous awards and accolades for PR, content, and social media. Here are a few.