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Guest Blog: PR Stops for No Quarantine

Introduce yourself! My name is Aria. I am eight years old, and my favorite color is purple. What brings you to the Caster Blog? Someone in my class got a positive COVID-19 test. Now, I have to stay home because I’m exposed to [REDACTED] a lot of the time. We think it’s [REDACTED]. They just […]

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Building a Healthy Workplace Culture within a Hybrid PR Team

When hiring remote team members without ever having met physically, it can be a challenge to cleanly assimilate them into a company’s culture. So much of a company’s social fabric is woven in-person and videoconferencing, though it has improved leaps and bounds in the last 18 months, still leaves a lot of “interpersonal osmosis” to […]

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Coming Home to a Place I’ve Never Been

I’ve never been so excited to stand in line. As I joined the snaking security queue at Dulles Airport, I could feel my heart begin to flutter. The return to work is finally here, and I was in the business travel vanguard. The nostalgic halo around air travel dissipated pretty quickly once I got on […]

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Working from home How to stay connected when you’re not in the office

Working from home: How to stay connected when you’re not in the office

For a lot of people, working from home is the ultimate dream set-up: You have no commute; you can work in your pajamas; and you’re in close proximity to your own fridge and an endless supply of snacks. At Caster, many of my co-workers regularly work from home at least one day during the week, […]

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