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Instagram Expectations, LinkedIn Realities: Gen Z at Work

Gen Z is moving the goalposts for workplace culture: demanding more flexibility, focusing more on work-life balance, seeking different kinds of satisfaction from their jobs, and quitting fast if their current role falls short. Many media observers report on this behavior, even praise it, without pausing to critically evaluate whether it’s good. Insider writes: “Because […]

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Why I Chose to Work at Caster when I Live 2954 Miles Away

My eyes shot open to my alarm blaring at 3:00 A.M. Despite the insanely early hour, I was wide awake and full of adrenaline. I quickly brushed my teeth, packed up, and was out the door of my house in Orange County by 3:32 A.M. As I sat down in the car, my anxiety reminded […]

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Kayla Bortak, Account Supervisor

Welcome Kayla, Caster’s New Account Supervisor

Welcome to Caster, Kayla!   That’s me. I’m Kayla. And yes, I’m welcoming myself! Though, after a month(ish) of baptism by fire into the Caster Crew’s tight-knit team, I certainly feel welcomed. From more than 1,300 miles away, the Caster team has me off to, what I feel is, a smashing good (and busy) start. Now […]

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Guest Blog

Guest Blog: PR Stops for No Quarantine

Introduce yourself! My name is Aria. I am eight years old, and my favorite color is purple. What brings you to the Caster Blog? Someone in my class got a positive COVID-19 test. Now, I have to stay home because I’m exposed to [REDACTED] a lot of the time. We think it’s [REDACTED]. They just […]

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Healthy Hybrid Culture

Building a Healthy Hybrid Culture

When hiring remote team members without ever having met physically, it can be a challenge to build a healthy hybrid culture. So much of a company’s social fabric is woven in-person and videoconferencing, though it has improved leaps and bounds in the last 18 months, still leaves a lot of “interpersonal osmosis” to be desired. […]

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