Guest Blog: PR Stops for No Quarantine

Introduce yourself!
My name is Aria. I am eight years old, and my favorite color is purple.

What brings you to the Caster Blog?
Someone in my class got a positive COVID-19 test. Now, I have to stay home because I’m exposed to [REDACTED] a lot of the time. We think it’s [REDACTED].

They just sent me straight home. They didn’t give me anything to do. So I guess, since I have nothing else to do, my mom’s making me help her write this blog.

How come your mom’s not taking the day off while you’re home?
I’m old enough to take care of myself. I have a lot of things to keep myself busy: movies, stuffies, board games (me vs. me, which is hard and sometimes boring), etc.

Mom’s busy working.

Wow, sure seems like an untenable position for people who don’t work from home. What do you think your mom would do if she couldn’t take time off work and had to go to the office?
[Thoughtful pause] Well, Dad’s here. He could look after me.

But what if your dad worked in an office too?
You’d probably get me a babysitter.

But you’re quarantining! We can’t expose anyone.
Oh, right…

I don’t know. Luckily you…don’t?

Really demonstrates the importance of flexible work arrangements where possible and a strong social safety net with worker protections for sick leave and childcare where not, doesn’t it?

Tell us about what your mom does for Caster.
She talks on Slack a lot of the time. She’s on calls a lot too.

Does Mom’s job seem like fun?
Yeah. I mean, I really like to text and talk to people, and that’s what Mom does all day long.

Do you want to work in PR someday?
Maybe. Or I could be a librarian. Or a scientist. Those are my leading options.

Thanks for your help today!
You’re welcome! I liked being a guest blog. I’m going to be famous.

Rachel Bradshaw

Vice President of Account Services

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