Why I Chose to Work at Caster when I Live 2954 Miles Away

My eyes shot open to my alarm blaring at 3:00 A.M. Despite the insanely early hour, I was wide awake and full of adrenaline. I quickly brushed my teeth, packed up, and was out the door of my house in Orange County by 3:32 A.M. As I sat down in the car, my anxiety reminded me that I had 2 plane rides and 2 car rides ahead of me to reach my destination: my new, full-time job in Rhode Island.


At this point you might be thinking, ‘Why would you take a job on the opposite side of the county?’ In this instance, I was thinking the same thing.


Let me assure you, I did not agree to move or commute to Rhode Island when I accepted the job offer. But I did agree to travel 2954 miles away, twice in the month of May, to train in-person and get to know my new team.


To address the question of the hour, I chose to work at Caster for three main reasons: the culture, the growth opportunity, and the field.


What first caught my attention about Caster is that it is female-owned. Coming from a large corporation in a male-dominated industry, I craved a tight-knit company with a female mentor and Caster is just that. Kim is, what can I say, a bad***! Starting her own PR firm at the age of 26, Kim has built a legacy. She delivers incredible results to major companies and treats her employees like her own family. I heard only good things about working at Caster before joining the company, and the culture has exceeded my expectations. It was refreshing that during my onboarding process, Caster allowed me to become comfortable with my new work environment, rather than pressuring me to learn and take on work quickly, as I experienced at my previous company. When I arrived at the homey office, I was greeted by my new team and given an agenda including a training schedule, social activities to get to know each coworker, and opportunities to explore Rhode Island. My peers were extremely welcoming and inclusive. Kim even handed me the keys to her husband’s BMW for the weekend — I mean, I don’t think it gets much better than that!


Caster is a company that prides itself on being small but mighty. They promote from within based on performance, so there is extensive room for internal growth. Although I have previous work experience, I do not have PR specific work experience. My relevant work experience includes social media marketing, digital marketing, and event marketing, while my not-as-relevant experience includes management, sales, and logistics. As a result, I have developed a myriad of skills and am able to learn and adapt quickly. Starting at Caster as an Account Executive sounded a little intimidating at first, but I know I can rise to the occasion. The team has developed a thorough training program for new employees, like me, to be introduced to PR and Caster’s clients. I feel completely supported and comfortable asking any of my peers for help or the answer to a question. I see a trajectory of growth for myself in this role and a long-term future with Caster and (I hope) Caster sees the same!


I have always been told that I would be a natural fit for PR. But to be honest, I didn’t fully understand what a PR role entailed until I started looking into the open role at Caster. Once I learned that the job responsibilities include building relationships with clients, content creation, and coordinating events, I was sold! Count me in to any event entailing food, drinks, and socializing – those are my 3 favorite things! On top of that, Caster’s clients, specifically, are in home-tech, which is an interesting, booming industry that I am actually excited to spend 40 hours a week on. Sounds like a win-win to me!


So, at the end of my 12-hour travel day, I did not regret my decision. 🙂 

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