Keeping up with Platform X (Updated February 2024)

Since our last blog post on the X platform back in November, change has been the site’s only constant. We’re only a month and a half into the 2024 development plan, and the X team has revamped the user experience through an updated algorithm, potential features, and new tools. While the X app and site domain are being altered tangibly, the company’s central goal of getting users to spend more time inside the platform prevails.

Let’s dive into what the company has changed so far this year and note considerations for your X social strategy:

Headlines Are BACK

Headlines on link preview images have been a big debate between Musk and his crew this year. As of today, they’re displayed in small text at the bottom of the image (as you can see in our post below). It’s a relief that X is no longer trying to disguise links as photos to trick users into bypassing external content. Still, beware: The title may get cut off if it exceeds the character count of 73. Check how the headline on your link preview image reads before posting so you don’t give users the wrong impression of the context of the article.

Videos Are STILL Preferred

X is claiming to be a “video first platform” as of January 9, 2024 – a bold claim considering that the app doesn’t yet have a method of filtering video content. At the end of January, the company posted that X will launch a dedicated video tab on the mobile app. Video consumption is now included in 80% of user sessions, with users glued to vertical, in-app videos. Users can also stream any video posted on X to their TV via Airplay, and they can even continue scrolling while they watch by turning off autoplay. Who needs cable anymore?

Creating video posts is going to be worth your time this year. Remember, you don’t have to record new video content for each of your posts moving forward. Canva makes it easy to animate your designs, which turns them into MP4 files that can make an appearance on the video tab feed. Use a 1080 x 1920 aspect ratio to create full-screen content that can be used across platforms including X, TikTok, and Instagram.

Replies Are Emphasized MORE

The X algorithm is continuing to put emphasis on replies to posts, both to benefit the Creator Ad Revenue Share Program, and to expose users to content they might otherwise miss. You can take advantage of this algorithm update even if you’re not participating in ads on X.

When you see a post worth sharing, reply and retweet instead of simply retweeting – your reply will be the more visible action. In your own posts, insert a call to action: Pose a question asking for your audience’s opinion and start conversation in the replies. The more engagement you spark – and the more you engage with other content creators – the better your reach. It’s more important than ever to participate in exchanges with X users.

As of February 1, 2024, X is testing a new feature to sort replies on any post by “Trending,” “Most recent,” or “Most liked.” If it sticks, this will be a great way to identify what sort of replies are receiving the most engagement and which accounts you should be engaging with. Follow X News Daily for live updates on this feature.

Grok Was Born

Musk’s attempt to compete with existing AI models birthed Grok – an AI bot built into the X interface to provide Premium Plus subscribers with witty answers to any question based on information from the platform itself. Unsurprisingly, Grok supports free speech and will candidly comment on sensitive topics with rebellious answers – like father, like son. But because Grok can only pull data from X, its answers may not be as “anti-woke” as Musk wants. Another consequence of this limitation is that Grok may provide subscribers with incorrect information. While X does have a way to keep misinformation in check with Community Notes, the algorithm has a record of manipulating propaganda, so take ‘news’ on X with a grain of salt.

If you subscribe to Premium Plus to reduce ads, edit posts, or get that blue checkmark, it might be fun to shoot the breeze with Grok, but don’t use it to source reliable information. What Grok might be good for is navigating the platform or providing context about news that’s trending on X. Use this context to form an opinion and don’t be afraid to post about it and/or participate in emerging conversations to stay relevant.

Mastering X

As you navigate the intricacies of this ever-evolving platform, it’s essential to approach your social strategy with a fresh perspective, leveraging new features while remaining vigilant to algorithm updates. You know the drill: X wants people to spend more time on X, so make sure that your content strategy keeps people engaged on the app.

Keep checking back in to stay in the loop on all things X or reach out if you want hands-on help with your social strategy.

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