Thought Leadership

Four PR Trends to Watch in 2024

As we finish a rousing chorus of “Auld Lang Syne” and dump out the flat champagne, it’s time to talk about where PR is heading next. In the last year, we saw speedy evolution (AI), scaling back (the bird app or whatever it’s called this week), and a multitude of shifts in how the world […]

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CES prep starts now

CES Prep Starts Now

If you’ve visited any physical retail location recently, you may have already fallen victim to the phenomenon known as “Christmas Creep.” This “holiday hurry up” experience is best summarized as seeing twinkle lights, wreaths and inflatable Santa yard décor hit the shelves before spooky season has even had a chance to start. While retail locations […]

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Blogging with Purpose: Building Relationships and Boosting Visibility

Last week, a client asked me if their company should have a blog. That’s the wrong question. The better question is “What are my communications goals, and can a blog help advance them?” Me in 99% of content strategy discussions – via GIPHY Though it might not always seem like it, Caster doesn’t produce this blog […]

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Don’t Let No News Be Bad News: Three Tactics to Rekindle Your Flame

“We have no news.” To an inexperienced PR team, this sentence is a nightmare. A brand’s reputation can largely depend on its earned and shared media, and quiet periods require a bit of digging to find ideas that will stick. Great content needs to be timely, fresh and meaningful to key audiences. Recycling the same […]

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Setting Boundaries When You Are “Always On”

PR professionals don’t have regular work hours – if you know you know. Working all the time isn’t a sustainable solution, though. Longer hours don’t necessarily allow you to be more productive — and what’s more, encouraging constant communication can damage employees’ well-being, work-life balance, and job performance. I’m at the dawn of my PR […]

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