Don’t Let No News Be Bad News: Three Tactics to Rekindle Your Flame

“We have no news.” To an inexperienced PR team, this sentence is a nightmare.

A brand’s reputation can largely depend on its earned and shared media, and quiet periods require a bit of digging to find ideas that will stick. Great content needs to be timely, fresh and meaningful to key audiences. Recycling the same copy for months on end won’t cut it.

Luckily, Caster isn’t inexperienced; we’ve spent 25 years mastering the art of communication, finding fresh angles to keep companies involved in the foremost conversations happening in their industries. When product launches have been delayed or news cycles run dry, these evergreen campaign kick-starters help us get clients off the ground and into the conversations that matter most.

Add a Hot Take to a Trending Conversation

Just because you didn’t start the conversation doesn’t mean you can’t join in! When you see a relevant Twitter trend or headline, adding your company’s stance as a thought leader into the mix can keep your hat in the ring during lulls. Leverage your company’s competitive advantages and values to add shape an existing narrative. With strong research and a solid pulse on your market, you can capitalize on industry trends and be the company that introduces a unique perspective.

At Caster, we find this tactic works especially well on social media – the transactional nature of Twitter and LinkedIn engagement keeps conversations going and extends their reach.

Leverage the Reach of Your Employees

Your company wouldn’t exist without its people. Take the time to highlight what makes your MVPs unique. Maybe your lead technician has a killer case study to share, your R&D team just created their hundredth product, or your team is celebrating a new CEO. Elevate your team leaders’ expertise and values through contributed articles, blogs, Q&As and social media to demonstrate the qualities that make your company strong from the inside out.

Hot tip: Employees with a strong following on LinkedIn can help amplify your content’s reach. Check out Caster SVP Alex Crabb’s blog for advice on using this tactic effectively.

Share a Deeper Dive into Your Products and Services

No new products? No problem. The absence of brand-new products to show off doesn’t make an existing product line old news. Especially for legacy brands with a strong following, taking a deep dive into what differentiates your product not only strengthens your stance against the competition but can also engage new customers who might not know everything about your product.

Share what’s under the hood: Do you have a patented technology that makes your offering different than any other on the market? How do you ensure quality and reliability? What are customers saying about your product? Use all the different angles to start a conversation and elevate your product through reviews, teardown articles, and social campaigns.

Final Thoughts

Whether your company is a century-old pillar or a startup in its seed round, it’s essential to have a content plan that keeps your brand moving forward. Spend some time evaluating your product mix and thought leadership opportunities, building up your competitive advantages, and finding new trends that matter most for your brand.

Need a hand finding some fresh, head-turning perspectives? Drop us a note, and follow us on Twitter @CasterComm for trends, tips and tricks.

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