CES Prep Starts Now

If you’ve visited any physical retail location recently, you may have already fallen victim to the phenomenon known as “Christmas Creep.” This “holiday hurry up” experience is best summarized as seeing twinkle lights, wreaths and inflatable Santa yard décor hit the shelves before spooky season has even had a chance to start.

While retail locations are stocking up on stocking stuffers, for those of us working in the technology and consumer electronics world, this time of year signals the start of CES prepping season. In fact, if the world’s largest consumer electronic show is on your radar and you haven’t already begun planning, you’re behind.

Collectively, the Caster team has a lot of CES shows under their belt. Each year, much like the “Christmas Creep” above, we find ourselves talking about CES a little earlier than the previous year. We’ve blogged plenty about the massive consumer electronics show as well, from tips and tricks to reflections after attending the show for the very first time.

If you’re attending CES 2024 as a company, you can’t leave the planning for the latter half of Q4. For example, if you were hoping to submit a thought leader to be a speaker at the upcoming show, too bad: that call for speakers closes as early as the end of August.

Attending CES is one thing. Making the most out of the show, cutting through the clutter, making a splash, and sharing meaningful messages while holding worthwhile meetings is something else entirely. Plain and simple, it is the PR groundwork laid over the course of the next three months that sets exhibitors up for success at CES.

With a proper runway in place, a communications partner can help companies dissect their news and announcements to identify the ones with the greatest chance of rising above the noise and making a difference for clients. Additionally, with enough time for groundwork, we can build strategies around events, show activities and awards to help navigate all the options and select the ones that best support the end goals of attending the show.

Last year, CES “shattered” expectations for the show by drawing in more than 115,000 attendees, which included 1,000 start up companies and a total of 3,200 exhibitor companies according to the CTA. Those figures made CES 2023 the largest global tech event since CES 2020, and the projections for this year are looking just as strong. At first glance, the show can feel downright daunting. However, with enough runway and a proper PR plan in place, any exhibitor can have a stand-out showing at CES.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Caster can help you achieve that stand-out success, we’d love to hear from you and you should contact us by filling out our short form here.



Peter Girard

Director, Account Services

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