Five Frightful PR Problems That Give Us The Heebie Jeebies

You unlock this door with the key of imagination
Beyond it is another dimension.
You’ve just crossed over into
The Public Relations Zone.

Even with decades of experience, a few situations still send a shiver up our spine. 

1. Imperius! You Can’t Control The Media

We pride ourselves on our great press relations and on helping create a story that makes both parties happy. However, sometimes things don’t go as planned. Don’t get spooked! When our clients are haunted by bad reviews or past mistakes, we integrate it into the plan so they can rise above.

2. Sometimes We Get Ghosted

We’ve got every trick or treat in the book. Sadly, not every conversation with media lands coverage (no matter how positive). Coverage is only guaranteed when it’s already published. Don’t despair, though: with persistent efforts to contact the Other Side, today’s dead story could come back to life. Amazing reviews like these sometimes lie cold for months.

3. Monstrous Mangled Messaging

Why was it hard to identify the mummy? It was all wrapped up 🥁 Of course, messaging can have the same issue. Good messaging tells a story; it is also clear and concise. If your story is wrapped up in too many layers, the point you’re trying to convey might go missing. Feast your eyes upon these tips for crafting a distinct and memorable story.

4. Ghoulish Grammar Drives Us Batty

It is killing us (softly) when we see a misplaced comma or comma splice. While perfection is difficult to achieve, we certainly do try. We’re the PR firm that creates an entirely new document version just to fix a tiny typo. You can Count on us to banish ghastly mistakes from client materials.

5. Cutting It Close 🔪

Media requests, awards, speaking submissions – they all have hard deadlines. While we do our best to carve out some time to submit well ahead of the deadline, sometimes it’s out of our control. It might get our hearts racing, but we laugh in the face of danger! So hit us with your best shot, and we’ll get it in under the wire.

We’re just creepin’ it real this Halloween. While the nightmares might keep you up, we know that every crisis can be managed. And with the right PR team, you’ll absolutely kill it. 

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