The Power of In-Person Events: Unleashing Benefits for Clients

Last week, I had the opportunity to break up my normal work routine and support one of our new clients with an in-person event. I hopped in the car and took a scenic drive to the grand opening of the Trinnov North American headquarters in Connecticut to assist with its first media day at the new location. On the heels of this experience, I wanted to write up this blog to explore the benefits days like these afford both our team and our clients.

To me, this particular blog sits somewhere in the middle of two of our recent blog topics: How Caster Supports Clients at Trade Shows and Does This Need a Press Release? The Trinnov grand opening didn’t require the full gambit of tradeshow support outlined in the aforementioned blog, but it did need more than a press release and a coordinated coverage campaign.

In our ever-increasingly digitally driven work environment, a media event for the Trinnov HQ grand opening provided an unparalleled opportunity for face-to-face interactions and authentic connections, which we believe foster trust and deliver exceptional value back to clients. At Caster, we practice what we preach and believe personal engagement is a powerful tool for helping clients succeed. Here are the top three reasons in-person events can be a game changer.

Generating Buzz and Media Coverage

A well-planned event can be a newsworthy occasion that captures the attention of journalists, influencers, bloggers and more. In-person events take planning and coordination. If a client has already agreed to proceed through those steps, strategizing on how media can be invited and involved adds another layer and enhances the event. Not only does media coverage of an event help amplify a client’s message, but live events are also excellent for creating shareable social media content, further expanding reach and impact.

Demonstrating Expertise and Thought Leadership

Hosting an in-person event affords clients the opportunity to position themselves as a de facto expert and industry leader in topics of their choosing. Trinnov, for example, demonstrated this point beautifully at their event as they coordinated with valued partners to deliver short, impactful presentations to all press in attendance. In cooperation with their own presentation (and a frankly kick-ass audio demo), Trinnov positioned itself as an industry leader keen on education and providing access to information on complex topics such as audio engineering, room treatments, and theater design.

Strengthen Existing Relationships and Forging New Ones

The impact of a well-executed in-person event extends far beyond just the event itself. Face-to-face interactions allow more genuine conversations and emotional connections than daily emails and social media exchanges. Creating an immersive and engaging environment enables clients to showcase their services in a way that resonates more deeply with their intended audience. The gathering press, manufacturers, and partner dealers at the Trinnov event provided the perfect melting pot for meaningful networking and collaboration. Organic conversations at in-person events often spark innovative ideas and initiatives that can benefit a client’s business.

As is the case with almost any topic we blog about, there is so much more about in-person events we could discuss in detail. Stay tuned to our blog for more topics like this one, or if you’d like to learn more about how Caster can help you with your next in-person event, get in touch!


Peter Girard

Director, Account Services

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