LinkedIn Algorithm Update: Tips to Stay Ahead in 2024

Have you noticed a decline in your LinkedIn performance over the past year? If so, you’re not alone. A staggering 95% of LinkedIn users saw decreased reach, engagement and follower growth in 2023. Many users attribute this decline to the evolving algorithm, leaving them feeling out of the loop and struggling to adapt.

In this blog, I’ll delve into the intricacies of the current LinkedIn algorithm and provide insights into new and upcoming updates, empowering you to stay ahead of the curve and confidently navigate the platform.


Algorithm Secret: Comments > Likes

One thing that hasn’t changed since last year is that LinkedIn prioritizes knowledge-rich content. In 2024, LinkedIn’s algorithm puts a premium on comments, emphasizing the importance of engagement and interaction. According to the Algorithm Insights 2024 Report, comments can boost a post’s reach by up to 15 times more than a like or reaction, and they’re five times more effective than sharing someone else’s post. However, simple recaps or short comments won’t cut it – the algorithm favors comments that show genuine engagement with the post’s content. Longer comments of 15 words or more are ideal, as they’re typically attributed to in-depth insights and different points of view.

You can leverage comments to improve your performance in two ways: receiving meaningful comments on your posts and leaving valuable comments on other users’ posts. To encourage comments from your audience, try being a little polarizing, ask thought-provoking questions, or share unique insights and visions. Make an effort to comment on posts that appear on your feed, adding a personal touch to your message to be favored by the algorithm.


New Feature: Custom Button

Premium LinkedIn members can now add a custom button to their profiles that can also appear in their posts, search results and messages for increased visibility. Currently, users can choose from a limited selection of phrases such as “Visit my website” and “Request services,” with more options like “Subscribe to my newsletter” expected in the future. Users can then link to a relevant URL and edit or delete the button anytime.

If you’re a premium member, don’t hesitate to take advantage of this feature. It’s a quick and easy way to present a call-to-action to your reader that’s more attention-grabbing than burying it in your post copy. Try “Visit my store” if you’ve recently launched a new product, or “Book an appointment” if you’re exhibiting at an upcoming tradeshow.


Valuable Content = Long-Lasting Post

While most social media feeds prioritize timeliness by displaying recent posts or new content tailored to users’ preferences, LinkedIn aims to refine its algorithm to become a proactive content matchmaker, identifying individual user interests and surfacing relevant posts irrespective of their creation time.

For example, a post detailing a lesson on AI video surveillance might appear on the feeds of the LinkedIn user’s connections for a few days after it’s posted with the current algorithm. With this potential new feature, the post can be presented to users (who have expressed interest in AI video surveillance on the platform) for months or even years beyond its initial posting if the content is deemed highly valuable and relevant by the algorithm. This innovative approach ensures that helpful content remains visible to users over an extended period, potentially reaching a highly targeted audience.

LinkedIn’s strategy for implementing suggested posts is to incentivize users to create more valuable content for the platform. As this feature is currently in the testing phase, now is the perfect time to develop a content plan focused on in-depth posts within your specialties. Doing so can achieve long-lasting content with a high reach and maximize your impact on the platform.


>150 Connections → New Sharing Tools

In a few months, LinkedIn will be opening the following sharing tools to users who meet the criteria of maintaining over 150 connections, consistently sharing original content, and abiding by LinkedIn’s community policies:

  • LinkedIn Newsletters – Users can write content as a subject matter expert. Subscribers will be notified when new articles are published, allowing users to build a loyal audience.
  • Follow Link – Users can share a follow link or button to their website, email, or other social media platform that allows anyone to follow them with just a click.
  • LinkedIn Live – Users can broadcast live video content to a profile, page, or event. The recorded video will remain on the feed as previously recorded content.
  • LinkedIn Audio Events – Users can connect with other like-minded participants in a real-time conversation. Users can host an audio event from a profile or page.

Since the criteria are extremely attainable, these are extra tools worth utilizing to become a thought leader on LinkedIn and engage with existing and potential connections. If you don’t have at least 150 connections, start sending out some requests and checking your invitations to see if you have any outstanding. If you haven’t curated a post in a while, start sharing updates weekly so you can qualify for these sharing tools once they become available.


Mastering LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s algorithm has evolved, and staying on top of the recent and upcoming changes is crucial to staying relevant on the platform. So, remember: Meaningful comments are favored, custom buttons highlight a call-to-action of your choosing, posts with valuable content can stay relevant for years, and posting for at least 150 connections can get you access to new sharing tools. Leveraging these features to their full potential can help maximize your reach and impact on LinkedIn.

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