Perfecting Pepcom – A PR Guide to Pitching Press around CES

As the first quarter of 2024 flies by, we’ve celebrated a flurry of success stories. In reflection, we’ve served up a masterclass of PR execution in our latest case study: the launch of the Abode Edge Camera at CES 2024. This campaign sets a new benchmark for product launches in the tech world and testifies the unique combination of strategy, meticulous planning, as well as the power of effective media engagement.

The Abode Edge Camera, a revolutionary product from the leading DIY smart home security brand, Abode, captured the imagination of tech lovers and the media alike. With its unparalleled range, AI capabilities and the distinction of being the world’s first Wi-Fi HaLow ultra-long-range, battery-powered smart home security camera, it was a marvel waiting to be showcased.

The launch, though, came with a monumental challenge: launching a groundbreaking product at the world’s most influential tech event, with a compressed timeline and without the traditional tradeshow floor presence. Our strategy? A bold move to leverage CES-adjacent media events, with Pepcom Digital Experience in Las Vegas chosen as the battleground. The decisions made at the onset of the campaign would set the stage for what was to become a record-breaking PR launch for Abode.

From overcoming an extraordinarily tight timeline and coordinating with industry partners Morse Micro and Xailient, to navigating the holiday season rush, every step required precision and agility. The results? Over 40 in-person media briefings, 75 top-tier media placements, 5 “Best of CES” Awards, and an astounding reach of over 731 million unique monthly visitors, culminating in a campaign with an advertising value equivalency of $6.77 million.

While results speak volumes, the real question is, how did we achieve this? What strategies did we employ to ensure that the Abode Edge Camera not only stood out from the crowd but also clinched top honors and extensive media coverage? The full case study, “Abode: Perfecting Pepcom,” delves into the nitty-gritty of our approach, the challenges we faced, and the innovative solutions we crafted to navigate this complex landscape.

This journey is a must-read for anyone fascinated by the intersection of innovation, strategy, and impactful storytelling. Don’t miss out on this behind-the-scenes look at a launch that has redefined what’s possible in PR and product introductions in the tech space.

Peter Girard

Director, Account Services

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