The Instagram Algorithm: How to Survive and Thrive

To anyone who’s spent any time scrolling on Instagram, it’s no secret that the company changed what you see on your feed. In 2018, the company decided to change the algorithm for its’ users by first showing posts from accounts they engage with most, then going chronological from there. A lot of users have been outspoken about this update and the community has not been in favor of the changes made. However, instead of fighting this change, your brand must embrace it, adapt, and figure out how best to get engagement from your followers. These 3 tips are sure to get your brand’s page back on track.

Build Engagement

Instagram has reassured its users that the biggest way to leverage this algorithm is to boost your page engagement. Under the new algorithm, the only people who will see your post on their feed are the followers that engage with your account the most. One proven way to boost engagement is by posting on your story daily. A story on Instagram refers to a post that will disappear within 24 hours. You can post to your story by clicking the “plus” sign on your profile picture. This will open a camera and you can post a photo or a video that will appear in your story. Your followers will then see your story content on the top of their home page. Another best practice is to post content that requires responses such as polls, and/or questions. Your story is one of the easiest ways to get your followers engaging with your profile.

Step Up Your Photo Quality

The quality of the photos you post on your page has a significant impact on your profile’s engagement.  Photos should be clear and bright. The goal of each photo is to draw users to your page, so you need to be deliberate with your posts to curate an interesting profile. Your followers will look at your photo before they read the caption underneath, so it’s important to grab their attention right away. Instagram has become a platform where both businesses and personal accounts compete to get their pages recognized. Having a popular profile on Instagram can help to convey your brand’s message.

Go Live More Often

Another way to bolster traffic to your page is to “go live” on your story more often. This means your followers can see what you are doing at that very moment, and you can engage with them in real-time. When an account you follow goes live, Instagram sends you a notification informing you to watch. Not only will your name pop up on their phone screen, but a lot of the time people will click on the video just to see what’s happening. Going live sparks your follower’s curiosity and can bring them to your page.

Surviving the new Instagram algorithm is tricky but not impossible. The most important thing you can do is research. Find tips and tricks that will get your brand recognized and bring engagement to their page. There have been rumors of Instagram bringing back the chronological feed, but until then follow me on Twitter and Instagram for more tips!


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