My Favorite Part of Being a PR Pro

At this point in my PR career, I have been asked, “So, what’s your favorite part about working in public relations?” plenty of times, and my answer to this day remains the same. Put simply, the fact that there is always something new to try coupled with the fact that no two days spent doing PR are identical is my favorite part of the job. While there’s definitely something to be said about establishing a routine, there is something really rewarding about trying something new or stepping outside of your comfort zone in service of your clients.

Holding true to my mantra of “write what you know,” you’d better believe I have a recent experience I’m drawing from for this blog. For a client on my roster, I was brought in to assist on a podcast project. Beyond knowing what a podcast is and having binged a couple during long drives back and forth between the Caster Comm office and the White Mountains of New Hampshire, my podcast expertise is slim. Leveraging previous experiences to help navigate new opportunities is critical for a job in public relations. In our line of work, PR pros wear many different hats and every once and a while, we’re asked to try on a new one. The key here is to not shy away from it, but rather lean into it.

The podcast project evolved rapidly. At first, I was brought in just to help brainstorm a name for the show. After a brainstorming session and likely a little too much caffeine, our team submitted a list of possible names, one of which was a winner for the client almost immediately. From there, the Caster team helped with logo design, a tagline, color schemes, host/guest vetting and selection, topic brainstorming, and even full-on episode outlines and scripting. My takeaway here? It’s all about baby steps.

One step at a time is the perfect way to dive into something professionally that you’ve never done before. The benefits of doing so? Immense. Not only does trying something new stimulate creativity – which can lead to some amazing things for clients. It also makes you, and the agency you work if you go that route, more marketable. Branching out and trying new activities on behalf of a client and volunteering to learn new skills make you a more well-rounded PR professional.

Case and point here, within the span of a few short weeks, I’ve been able to add “podcast creation consultancy” to my growing list of skills. Beyond that, I was able to grow professionally as the podcast started to take shape and needed further cultivation. My brain was challenged by a new puzzle when every step of the way to help make the final product as robust as possible. Brains crave a good challenge – do yours a favor by trying something new or embracing that no two days are exactly the same – especially if you’re seeking out a career in our field.

Has branching out helped you develop professionally? I would love to hear your thoughts! Connect with Caster Communications on Twitter at @CasterComm or with me personally at @CasterPete.

Peter Girard

Director, Account Services
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