Small But Mighty

After over 20 years in business, Caster Communications continues to bring success to our clients across the ever-changing technology industry. Although Caster is a boutique agency, we make sure our clients are heard above the noise. The Caster Crew approaches each client engagement with fresh eyes, and we work internally to plan effective strategies for all client PR, social media, content, and consulting needs. That’s what makes us a small but mighty crew of experts.

As I approach three years with the Caster Crew, I decided to take some time to reflect on my experience working for a boutique agency, and I wanted to see what my coworkers thought about it as well. I reached out to my teammates to get the scoop on what it means to work for a small but mighty public relations agency.

What do you think sets Caster apart from other agencies?

“The nature of a small business is to take everything personally. That extends to our clients: we immerse ourselves deeply, thinking, acting, and ultimately becoming like members of their own industry.” – Rachel Bradshaw

“One thing that really differentiates Caster from other PR agencies is the synergy we have across teams. Nobody here is pigeonholed into one specific role; instead, every team member has their hands on a different moving part and has the opportunity to learn new things and tackle different initiatives throughout projects.” – Lexie Gardiner

How do clients benefit from working with a smaller agency?

“Having been on the client side before, I can say nothing compares to the attention and care that clients receive at a small agency.” – Olivia Sellke

“Clients benefit from working with a smaller agency for the same reasons students benefit from a lower student-teacher ratio: There are fewer competitors for attention, which means a stronger bond between client and agency and a more fruitful working relationship.” – Robert Simms

How do you, as an employee, benefit from working for a boutique agency?

“Caster brings a level of personalization that you may never experience from a large agency, allowing team members to create relationships and learn directly.” – Anna Meyers

“We have such a tightly-knit culture. At larger agencies, it’s easier to become a fish amongst the vast sea. You don’t necessarily get to know everyone as well.” – Matthew Crone

“We’re really the perfect size to form relationships that are both professionally and personally fulfilling. I’m surrounded by friends, mentors, and subject matter experts all at the same time!” – Lexie Gardiner

“Having worked at both large organizations and medium agencies before coming to Caster, I saw first-hand how much more I could be exposed to at a small agency. In one of my first PR jobs (at an agency of about 100 people), I had a very specific role that meant doing pretty much the same thing every single day. And even though it was a large group, I was only exposed to 3 or 4 people. I’ve worked at a couple agencies as small or smaller than Caster, and I can say for someone new, starting out in PR, who is hungry to learn, try new things, and be exposed to many aspects of the business – the choice should be easy.” – Alex Crabb

What are some of Caster’s greatest qualities?

“It is never on a single team member to deliver that killer piece of coverage; we’re all working together in concert to meet the goals we’ve established for our clients. We’re each other’s greatest cheerleaders and we’re also there to help pick up the work when things get crazy.” – Olivia Sellke

“This agency has a lot of backbone.  We’re not afraid to take on new challenges or tell clients the unvarnished truth. We stand firm in our expertise, and we know our worth. That’s the kind of ally clients want on their side.” – Rachel Bradshaw

“We selectively pick the companies and people we work with, and we always choose brands and technology that we believe in. Those clients come to us because we are smart, have great media contacts and we’re as passionate about their business as they are. This is an all-star team that just gets things done.” – Alex Crabb

When you’re working in the hectic but fulfilling world of tech PR, having a team that supports you is essential when it comes to your personal success and the success of all clients. After chatting with my fellow teammates, it’s clear to see that Caster’s size does not reflect the quality of work we produce. We may be a smaller team, but our careers are filled with opportunity, and we go above and beyond to form relationships that foster success for our clients. Interested in learning more about what it’s like to work for Caster? Feel free to follow us on Twitter @CasterComm or send me a note directly @PaytonStLawren1.

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