What are Caster Clients up to at CES 2018?  

It’s almost that time of year again—CES time! Whether you’re en route to the show floor yourself or will be following the action online, here’s an overview of what Caster’s clients will be presenting at CES 2018:>


Making its debut at CES, Abode will launch its next generation DIY smart home security system. Offering the best of home security and smart home functionality, the new system will give homeowners the power and flexibility to build their system their way. >

abode’s new DIY home security system will work across platforms and standards and includes on-demand professional monitoring that customers can take advantage of without subscribing to a binding, long-term contracts. >

Find the new Abode system on display at the Z-Wave Pavilion at booth #41717.>


The Israeli start-up is making its debut at this year’s CES with the first thermal FIR sensor that lets autonomous vehicles see and understand the road. >

To make 24/7 autonomous driving a reality, vehicles must first have accurate sight and perception of their surroundings without fail in dynamic lighting conditions, in direct sunlight, in the face of oncoming headlights, and in inclement weather. Current sensors in use, however, like Lidar and Radar, cannot deliver. >

AdaSky aims to bridge this gap and expedite Level 3, 4, and 5 autonomous vehicles with its thermal, far infrared sensor that allows vehicles to see up to 200 meters, in total darkness and in any lighting or weather conditions.>

At CES, AdaSky will offer select in-vehicle, driving demonstrations where invitees can experience the sensors’ capabilities first-hand and will also provide demonstrations out of the Westgate Hotel, suite #410.>


This year at CES, Fibaro debuts a new addition to its family of HomeKit-compatible sensors: a HomeKit-compatible version of The Button multicontroller. >

The smart home manufacturer will also offer product demonstrations, show off integrations with devices from other smart home manufacturers, and display voice control integration. >

See Fibaro at CES at the Sand at booth #40952.>

Hogar Controls>

Hogar Controls is excited to launch at this year’s CES a first-of-its-kind device with Z-Wave and Google. >

The company is committed to delivering holistic, stylish smart home solutions, and, in the new year, their wide range of smart home and entertainment devices will bring a shift in both design and choice for lifestyle technology. >

Visit the Z-Wave Pavilion (the Sands at booth #41717) for a first look at Hogar Controls’ new device or swing by Pepcom on Monday night to say hello. >

IC Realtime >

During Pepcom’s Digital Experience event held on Monday, January 8th from 7 – 10:30 PM in the Mirage Hotel, IC Realtime will be running demonstrations of Ella – a new cloud-based deep learning engine capable of augmenting surveillance systems to make every nanosecond of recorded video footage instantly searchable using natural language processing. >

Swing by Pepcom on Monday night for a demonstration and learn more about the future of video surveillance.>

Sigma Designs >

At this year’s CES, Sigma Designs will host ‘the Future of Z-Wave: The Next Generation Smart Home Platform is Here’ on 1.10.18 in the Sigma Designs CES Suite (Venetian, Level 3, Lido 3103)>

In this presentation, Sigma will offer select attendees a forward look at future platform advancements and the next generation of Z-Wave, complete with details on how these new features will impact the smart home market and beyond. >

Z-Wave Alliance>

This year, Z-Wave has a big partnership with the Google Home team and is proud to display and demo some first-of-their-kinds devices, along with thirty smart home leaders, in the Z-Wave Pavilion. In fact, the Z-Wave Pavilion and Experience Home will be the biggest smart home area in the Sands at CES 2018.>

Visit the Sands at booth #41717 to see the Z-Wave Alliance’s newest offerings for 2018.

Whether you’ll be on the show floor or following the action from home, don’t miss out on what Caster’s clients have to offer at CES 2018. >

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