Press Release Best Practices

As PR pros we have written our share of press releases. So many that we tend to get into a groove of how we approach writing them for our clients. But sometimes that repetition can get you stuck in a writing rut. Instead, try stepping back with fresh eyes every time you tackle a new press release and consider the following best practices…

Make sure your news is newsworthy: The media get bombarded with news. If you want to be heard above the noise, make sure the news you are sharing is relevant to that publication and ensure you speak to why/how it’s a good fit for the publication’s audience.

It’s all about the headline: If you want to catch a journalist’s attention (and the reader’s!), it is imperative that you have a catchy headline. But don’t just write a catchy headline for the hell of it. It should be relevant to the news/product you are announcing, and make your readers WANT to read more.

Write it like you want the story to be told: Any journalist will tell you that their favorite PR pros to work with are those who consistently make their jobs easier. And the best way to make their job easier, is to cut out all the extra verbiage and write your press release the way you want the story to be told. The less time a journalist has to spend making sense of the news and generating their story, the better (and happier they’ll be!)

Deliver a solid quote (or two): A good quote from a company representative can go a long way in a press release. Quotes add a personal touch and opportunity to let your readers take a peek behind the curtain at the personalities behind the brand. Quotes allow you to share the passion and values of the business and why the staff is excited about the news you’re sharing.

At the end of the day, it’s important to remember the reason why you’re writing the press release in the first place. The goal is always to provide the media with a quick, easy and digestible run down of what is new and exciting. And, assuming it’s well written and newsworthy, a press release can result in multiple articles about your client, business or products, which in turn will increase brand and/or product awareness and most importantly increase the bottom line for your client.

Want to discuss more press release best practices or share what works for you? Don’t hesitate to reach out to me on Twitter @erinmktgpr.


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