Falling in Love with the Magic and Mayhem of PR

The Caster crew is full of tech-savvy, word-slinging professionals, united by our insatiable curiosity and our fierce dedication to our clients. Our passion for PR drives us. When I say PR, I don’t just mean press releases and buzzwords. PR at its core is focused on building relationships with the media—but it’s also so much more. If you’re curious about hiring a PR firm, we’ll show you what PR is all about and why you’ll love to work with us.

We use PR as a foundation for our work for our clients. Add personal interest, agile mindsets, and genuine passion, and the Caster Crew takes “PR” to another level. After chatting with my peers, I can confidently say that the Caster Crew loves PR. So, get ready to fall in love with PR just as hard as we have.

Much like my peers, my favorite part of working in PR is the spontaneity of it. Whether it’s gaining a new client, pulling off a last-minute product launch, or mitigating a social media crisis, working in PR is always exciting and never stagnant. Our leader and role model Kim says it best:

“Working in tech PR is like solving a puzzle every day – it challenges me to think creatively, stay on my toes, and push my limits. It’s the perfect balance of strategy, storytelling, and problem-solving, and there’s rarely a dull moment. I’ve always enjoyed the rush of a launch or the buzzy energy of a crisis, and when you get to reflect on the success, it’s incredibly rewarding. PR was the right gig for me; I can’t imagine doing anything else.”

Peter GirardAt Caster, we embrace the ever-evolving landscape of PR and thrive off “the fast-paced work environment and that no two days are exactly the same.” Pete finds it exciting that “each day comes with its own set of challenges and rewards. You can hone the craft and prepare yourself for each day, but you never truly know how each day will unfold.”

In the world of PR, every day brings new challenges and opportunities to create, learn, and grow. Alex explains, “The tech industries we work with challenge me to keep using my brain, stay fresh, and keep learning. I’m inspired to master new technology, skill sets, and strategies and absorb the creativity and intelligence of the clients and colleagues I’m fortunate enough to work with every day.”Alex Crabb

Rachel has a similar, appreciative view of the dynamic nature of PR: “I love the way my work continually broadens my perspective. We take serious pride at Caster in building subject matter expertise to support our clients across the tech industry… It’s incredibly exciting to have privileged insight into the technological innovations shaping our future, and to help those innovators tell their stories.”

While the Caster Crew marvels at the magic of PR, we don’t overlook that strong writing is critical to succeeding in media relations. To our advantage, we have members who not only can write like Shakespeare but also enjoy every second of it.

Kayla Bortak, Account SupervisorKayla’s “favorite part of working in PR is that it provides the opportunity to talk to so many people who are incredibly passionate about their own field of work.” She continues to say, “I love that I can talk to someone about interior design one day, and artificial intelligence the next. Then, I get to take all their ideas and turn it into a cohesive piece of writing that really makes them shine.”

“PR requires a ton of research and writing – two things I love,” Robert says. “It also attracts upbeat, friendly folks who are generally pretty fun to work with.”

Both Kayla and Robert point out what makes public relations enticing: the people. As an extrovert, interacting with individuals – clients, media, peers – daily is one of my favorite things about my job. I was drawn to this career because I find that human interaction keeps me engaged and energized. Meanwhile, Olivia has a different perspective: “My initial love of PR stemmed from writing and getting to help craft a vision and strategy with just the right words. As I’ve progressed in my career, the relationship side of being in PR has become equally fulfilling and a key reason why I continue to love what I do.”

At Caster, our days are never dull. We dive headfirst into the deep end of cutting-edge innovation and emerge with stories that stick. Lexie’s “favorite thing about working in PR is helping some of the most exciting brands and thought leaders share their stories with the people who want to hear them.” She thinks that “there’s no better feeling than seeing a client’s news or big ideas hit the press after months of planning, writing and strategizing!”

Meghan agrees that “it feels really awesome to contribute to the success of our clients and help tell their story.” She continues to say, “I love PR because it allows me to think strategically and creatively connect and engage with different audiences across my clients. Every day of my job is different (and sometimes leads to some surprises!).

Meghan Glickman

Hearing why each of my team members loves PR made me fall in love with the field — and Caster — all over again. There’s no doubt that the Caster Crew is passionate about their work and committed to helping their clients promote their brand.


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