Instagram 101: Tips & Tricks to Drive Traffic to Your Page

In recent years, we have seen a huge influx in the use of Instagram for business communications and marketing, with aspects like the rise of brand influencers contributing to momentum and growth for companies on the platform. In fact, a study done by MediaKix predicts that more than 1 Billion USD is projected to be spent on influencer marketing in 2019. Over the last few years, I have built up my own Instagram following and work as a fashion and beauty influencer part-time. I have grown my Instagram following to over 10K and learned some tricks along the way to seeing growth on your own page.

1. Being Consistent is Key. One of the most important tips I can give when growing a social page is to be consistent. Your followers want to see your content on their feed at least once a day. With Instagram’s new algorithm, it isn’t easy to be seen among millions of users. The more often you post, the more engagement your page will get. Now, this isn’t exactly easy for someone who works full time and can’t post every single day. In that case, recycling older content that had high engagement previously, is a good way to fill in your feed.

2. 1…2….3 Say Cheese! When I first started blogging and creating fun, original content, I never realized how important it was to have high-quality photos. Now, I’m not saying you have to run out and buy a fancy camera, but a higher-resolution photo will always be better for attracting followers and inviting engagement. When you’re trying to work with a brand, they want to see clear and precise photos on your page. There are so many apps out there for editing your photos, and I think it is important to find a specific look to your photos for a cohesive theme to your feed. I have found that when I have a cohesive look-and-feel to my page, more people engage with my post.

3. #Hashtags. It is difficult to be seen in a sea of millions on Instagram. A new feature that Instagram offers is the ability to follow hashtags. Popular photos using that hashtag will pop up on your feed. No matter what you’re posting a photo of, there are going to be popular hashtags that will guide users to your photo. For example, if you are posted a photo about food, the most popular hashtag is #instafood. If you want to post a photo of clothes, or your outfit, #ootd is the most popular hashtag used. There are hashtags out there for EVERYTHING. Do your research and learn which are interesting to your follower-base and will drive users to your page.

Whether you are trying to manage a personal Instagram page or one for your business, these tips and tricks are sure to help drive traffic to your page.

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